The Woolsey Company specializes in construction cost estimating at all phases of design and construction, working with owners, owner's representatives, architects, engineers and contractors. 




Order of Magnitude & SF Estimates 


These are early cost estimates and are generally based on historical costs. These types are applicable at the programming, pre design, and schematic phases of design.


Assemblies Estimate 


More detailed than our conceptual cost estimate products, assemblies estimates are compiled when the project scoping is clear enough to identify particular assmeblies, i.e. "square foot of pavement", "cubic yards of excavation and fill", but is not defined well enough to compile a full unit cost estimate.


Unit Cost Estimates 


Unit Cost estimates are very detailed. Each scope item within the project is scoped, itemized and priced and placed in the universal CSI MasterFormat. These estimates are applicable at the design development, construction documents, permit/bidding and construction administration phases of design.


The Woolsey Company offers construction cost estimating training to various companies and public entities ranging from private contractors to the United States Navy.


Our seminars are catered to the needs and desires of each customer and are traditionally 1 day courses with class sizes ranging from one on one office based training to larger 30 person seminars.


The training is conducted by experienced cost estimators from The Woolsey Company and will leave each attendant with a solid understanding of the reuired processes and sources for the chosen estimate type. 


The Woolsey Company specializes in teaching the following estimating processes:


-Job Order Contracting Estimating


-Standardized Database Estimating


-Estmating Public & Private Bid Projects



The Woolsey Company's Cost Per Square Foot mobile application provides users with an educated forecast of the probable cost to construct any given type of building, in any given area. The application also allows the user to tailor that cost to several other parameters, including finish level, wood or steel frame, etc


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